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Dental Infographic to Help with Maximizing Benefits Before they Expire

A bright smile on a face is a symbol of success and contentment. A nice set of teeth and the absence of any bad odor, make the face beautiful, evoking positive feelings.
Apart from the psychological aspect, the physiological factors also demand proper dental care and attention to oral hygiene. As the gateway to the digestive system, the mouth and teeth have to be taken good care of to ensure a healthy body which is very important to many people.

Though accidents are not completely avoidable, one should take preventive and protective measures of various types. Dental insurance, for instance, helps to meet regular as well as unexpected expenses related to routine dental care.
There are many benefits one could avail of as part of their dental insurance plan.
This infographic explains the importance of using your dental benefits before they expire. We never want to see our patients lose what they are paying for, waste money, and not maximize their oral health.

Facts are Bitter

It is saddening to see that the average American have a tendency to avoid regular and simple daily dental care.
Proper daily brushing is not done by one out of ten people and by the age of 17, at least one cavity is seen in the teeth. Only 50% visit their dentists for regular check-ups and other preventive care.
Year expires, so do the deductibles on your dental insurance.

New year = New deductible

As the premium period ends, all the unused services offered freely or at lower rates are gone. Once the new year begins, the payments will not roll over.
The deductibles that were allowed in the closing year can only be availed in the year of validity.

Growth is Desirable

In other aspects of life, growth would be something you strive to achieve – not for dental problems.
Small problems like a minor evidence of a cavity may cause serious damage to the tooth, if not attended early enough. Taking care of even the smallest dental issue immediately will not only make it easier to maintain your oral health but, also make it lighter on your pockets especially if you’re covered with dental insurance.
Setting the dental issue aside will only mean worsening development and therefore, mean more costs as well.

Lose if You Don’t Use

The medical benefits and services covered by your insurance provider will not carry over to the next period even if you renew promptly. If you pay for a service and don’t use it, you’ve already wasted money.
This leads to the next two items: fix your appointments and do not delay treatments.

Appointments – Fix them soon

You can get ahead of your dental problems if you plan ahead. Having a dental insurance means you don’t always have to worry about coming up with the money to get regular check-ups that are part of the coverage.
Make use of this benefit and set your appointments ahead of time. Once you do, make sure you commit to fulfilling them.
Since the checkups and treatments may have to be taken with designated groups, delaying your appointments may lead to non-availability of an appointment, loss of benefits and the loss of the much-needed care.

Delayed Treatment – Doorway to Dental Downslide

They say prevention care is better than a cure. As experienced and trained dentists, we say this is true for your oral health.
If you feel or see a problem orally, talk to one of our dentists right away. Don’t delay your treatment and let the issue fester. The mouth is the gateway to your digestive system which implies how related the two different body functions are.
A simple tooth decay can lead to gum disease which can lead to infecting other parts of your body, such as; your throat and the blood vessels.
Preventing these dental problems from getting bigger also prevents other non-oral problems from occurring.
So, don’t let your dental insurance benefits go to waste. You still have a little bit of time to make use of them.
Book your appointment with us now and get that smile brighter before the year ends!


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