Damon Braces and Invisalign in North & South Carolina

Having a bright, straight smile leads to more confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Every individual deserves to feel proud of their smile, but sometimes teeth become overcrowded or contain gaps that take away from the attractiveness one feels when they flash their pearly whites.

Braces are no longer just a device worn by teens. Today, there are many options for orthodontics available, making it easier than ever for any childteen or adult to begin straightening out their smile.

For the younger crowd, there may not be a huge push for clear braces, as there is with adults. Teens often opt for traditional braces, as there are many braces colors that are fun and show off one’s personality. For the adult who wants to straighten their teeth in South Carolina or North Carolina, we typically receive requests for Invisalign cost.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of straightening teeth using a series of trays, called aligners. Each tray is custom made to the patients mouth, and there is a specific time-frame in which the trays are changed from one in the series to the next.

The advantages to this system are faster results and a clear tray instead of metal brackets. However, it is important that Invisalign be used by an individual who will be committed to proper wear. As trays are removable, leaving the tray out longer than recommended can prolong treatment and put off results.

This system is designed to allow for removal of trays after eating or drinking in order to keep teeth cleaner during the straightening process.

What is Damon Braces?

An alternative to Invisalign is Damon braces. This advanced technology system allows for more comfortable treatment and is suitable for anyone who needs braces. Damon braces combine tieless brackets and high technology archwires that have been clinically proven to move teeth quickly and comfortably.

The theory behind the system is that traditional brackets are held in place using elastics or active clips that “bind” archwires in place. This creates friction and pressure can actually slow down treatment. With Damon braces, the “passive” slide mechanism maintains archwires within the bracket while allowing them to move freely. The result is less friction and binding and a comfortable and fast treatment.

If you would like to experience a straighter, brighter smile, there is no need to wait. Today, there are more treatment options available than ever before. Adults arent stuck wearing metal or colored braces now that clear braces are on the scene. And with Invisalign and Damon braces, more comfortable treatment options are available. The only thing left to do is arrange for your consultation and be on your way to the smile you’ve dreamed of.

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