Maximize Your 2018 Dental Insurance Benefits

All You Need to Know About Dental Insurances

What does dental insurance cover?
Most dental insurance plans that have full coverage answers for two preventive maintenance visits per year without requiring a deductible payment. In some cases, dental insurances require $50 deductible per person to help cover the cost beyond preventive exams annually.

There are certain dental services that may be partly covered by dental insurance. For root canals, the majority of dental plans will cover about half the cost. 50% coverage may not seem a lot to most patients, however, paying half is better than paying the entire amount upfront.
It is best to keep in mind though that most insurance policies, depending on your plan, top out between $1,000 to $1,500 yearly. For extensive dental services, you may need to pay for the remaining cost.

Do I need dental insurance?

One of the smartest things you can do for your oral health is to have it insured. Oral health can highly affect an individual’s overall health. Thus, it is best to keep your dental health and hygiene in its optimum condition.
Dental insurance plans can help cover dental services in full or in partial. This way you can help maintain your oral hygiene while maximizing the benefits of your dental insurance policy. Whether it is complete or partial coverage, it can still help you cut down on dental expenses.

What does a dental insurance policy exactly do?

Basically, dental insurances are similar to health insurances. You pay a monthly premium and in return, you get certain oral care solutions covered. Coverage may either be complete or partial with co-pay.
Dental insurance policies help cover basic dental services. In some instances, it can also cover more complex services and procedures. Some dental services included in most dental insurances are cavity filling, examination and cleaning, tooth extraction, and dental implants.

Is dental insurance worth it?

Think of it this way, when you need to undergo a dental treatment, it may already be late to get a dental insurance plan. A lot of dental plans have waiting periods. It takes time before you could benefit from the insurance. Hence, it is best to use your dental insurance policy ahead of time and maximize its benefits before it expires.
Friendly Dental Group aims to help patients make the best out of their insurance policies. We provide exceptional dental services that are fully and partially covered by dental insurance plans. Our team of professional dentists and friendly staff will help you understand the coverage of your dental plans.

Maximizing Your 2018 Dental Insurance

2018 is almost coming to an end, and so is your dental insurance benefits for this year. If you have pending dental treatments this year, it is best to treat them now.
Remember that you paid for the premiums of your dental insurance all year long. However, unused benefits cannot be carried on to the next year. Any remaining dental benefits that are unused will be gone forever.
By using the remaining benefits of your 2018, you can save on dental expenses. You can have your cleaning and examination, x-rays, and dental filling completed before the end of this year. You can maximize your dental insurance benefits and at the same time, you can enhance your oral health and hygiene.
Some dental insurances may have a roll-over period. This will allow you to use your benefits in the following year but often only a reduced amount is carried over. Even with a roll-over period, you still lose the opportunity to use all of the insurance benefits paid for by the monthly premiums.
Prevent your dental insurance benefits from expiring, use it today! Our friendly staff can check if any benefits remain from your dental insurance plan. Visit any of our Friendly Dental Group locations in North and South Carolina. We will help you make the most out of your dental insurance.
No Insurance?
Join our VIP Dental Discount Program! Friendly Dental Group offers a discount program for patients who do not have a dental plan. This can also be used by patients who are tired of paying high premiums. Our Friendly Dental Discount Program can be used in all Friendly Dental Group locations.
Contact us at 1-866-764-5387 to schedule an appointment. Our board-certified providers will help you begin or complete your dental goals before December 31, 2018. At Friendly Dental Group your oral health is most important to us!