Teeth Whitening in North & South Carolina

Having a bright white smile is another important aspect of proper cleaning. Many people use whitening toothpaste, but this is a limited approach to teeth whitening.

For many patients, time has aged teeth and produced a dullness that negatively impacts the smile. In this case, which applies to the majority of individuals seeking a whiter smile, the best teeth whitening methods are those which are more powerful.

Some of the available teeth whitening methods are:

  • Over the counter whitening strips
  • Bleaching gel tray
  • Laser teeth whitening

Some dentists actually like when their patients reach first for the over-the-counter method. For the most part, these methods do work. However, the results are minuscule. If you’re looking for dramatic results, you can only get those from your dentist.

Bleaching kits obtained from the dentist are one of the best teeth whitening methods because it is effective and affordable. Custom trays allow for a comfortable fit and also keep the gel from escaping into the mouth. The bleach obtained from your dentist will be more powerful and you will see better results faster.

Laser whitening methods are highly popular because they take so little time. Although laser whitening may be a more expensive alternative, there are no trays and there is no real waiting. Whiter teeth are yours in about an hour.

A white smile is indicative of good health. It allows you to feel great about yourself and to have more confidence. Because of the many options available, you never have to live with a dull or yellow smile. Talk to your dentist to determine your best whitening option.

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