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6807 Fayetteville Road, Suite 119 Durham, NC 27713

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Our Durham Dentists

Friendly Dental Group of Durham offers quality yet affordable oral care services. Our professional and experienced doctors use the latest dental techniques in providing safe, effective, and pain-free oral care solutions.

About Us

Friendly Dental Group of Durham provides affordable and high-quality oral care while creating confident smiles in the Durham area.  We offer general, restorative, pediatric, preventive and cosmetic dentistry for your entire family.

We take pride in providing personalized dental experience because every patient has his or her own specific oral care needs.  We make each dental option easy and convenient to fit into your budget.

Are you aware of common dental problems and how to prevent them?

At Friendly Dental Group of Durham, our commitment is to help patients understand the importance of oral health and hygiene. We want our patients to be responsible for maintaining oral health and preventing any dental problems.

We educate our patients about common dental problems, what causes them, and how to prevent them.  This way our patients can maintain healthy teeth and mouth and retain their confident smile.

Our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for any signs of tooth decay, gingivitis, swelling and other oral health issues. We will always remind our patients to brush and floss their teeth completely on a daily basis for two to three times a day.

Practice good oral hygiene today! We offer dental cleanings and checkups, and a wide variety of services that help maintain good oral health.
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Our Services

They say that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. At Friendly Dental Group of Durham, we aim at maintaining good oral health that lets you smile confidently.

Our dental practice is committed to promoting excellent oral care for the young and adults in Durham.  We educate our young patients and their parents about the importance of pediatric oral health and hygiene.

Good pediatric oral health can prevent childhood obesity or cases of being underweight. Get superior teeth and gums protection with proper hygiene and regular dental visits with our trusted pediatric dentists.

Friendly Dental Group of Durham offers a dental solution that may treat the underlying causes of teeth grinding to prevent further damage to the jaw. Our dentists will give you tips and guidelines for effective dental home care.

Friendly Dental Group of Durham offers Invisalign treatment and braces. Our orthodontists will help you understand the differences, advantages, and downsides of each orthodontic treatment.

Friendly Dental Group of Durham provides customized veneer solutions to match the color of surrounding teeth while giving you all the reasons to smile.  We also offer other cosmetic dental options that cater to your needs.

Root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure that can help relieve dental pain caused damaged tooth nerve and pulp. This procedure can help relieve dental pain and at the same time, it can help save your teeth.

We offer root canal and other endodontic treatments safely, effectively and comfortably.

Your teeth are like your fingerprints, there are no two sets that are exactly alike.  Be proud of your one-of-a-kind smile!  If you are in the Durham area, let Friendly Dental Group of Durham help you keep your teeth in top-notch health.

Contact Us

Friendly Dental Group of  Durham is conveniently located at 6807 Fayetteville Road, Suite 119, Durham, NC 27713. We welcome walk-in and emergency patients. And we offer free teeth whitening to our new patients!

Mark your calendar and schedule an appointment today with Friendly Dental Group of Durham.  Contact us at 919-361-6465 to experience the best yet affordable dental options in Durham, NC.




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