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Trick or Teeth: How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth During Halloween

Ah, here comes Halloween!

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It’s that time of the year when kids and young-alike are happily dressed in their scary and fun costumes bouncing from door to door to get their treats.
Kids are at their happiest state when they have lots of candy.

Without teaching proper teeth care, Halloween is every parent’s nightmare. Statistics show that Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy every year just for Halloween.

Imagine those huge amounts of sweets going to your child’s trick or treat basket. Reports also show that children consume nearly 7,000 calories during Halloween.

Why do these numbers matter?

Numbers don’t lie. Health-conscious parents know that tooth decay, gum diseases, and other dental problems are scarier than ghosts and ghouls. That’s because these dental problems can wreak havoc and destroy your child’s teeth. When left untreated, dental problems may lead to more serious problems that can affect your child’s overall health.

Dental Tips to Remember

Fret not. Even if you are an ultimate health-conscious parent, you should not be terrified of Halloween. Make it a great time to educate your children with proper teeth care so they know the limits when it comes to candy consumption.

Never stand in the way or forbid your kids to have an enjoyable Halloween experience. As much as possible, do not send them the wrong message by depriving them of eating candy because this will only worsen the situation and could end up with more consumption later on life.

Here are some useful pointers you can use to safeguard your kids’ teeth and overall health during Halloween:

1. Set the Rules

Even before your children leave the home for Halloween activity, set the rules. Talk to them and explain the reason for such rules. Let them know that these rules are for their safety and well-being. Make them understand that not following the rules may resort to consequences.

2. Checkpoint

After trick-or-treating, check your kid’s bag and look through the types of candies. If you can count all the candies, divide them according to the number allowed to be consumed in a day.
For example, you may set 10 candies in a day and then segregate candies into packs. In this way, you teach your children how to moderate things. Without control, kids tend to consume candies to their heart’s content, as if there’s no tomorrow.

3. Educate Them

Teach your children how cavities and tooth decay develops in the mouth. Show them pictures and videos so they can see how scary these dental problems can be. Help them understand the effect of consuming too many sweets.

4. Right Time

Teach your children to only eat candy after a meal. Saliva production is increased when we eat. More saliva can help wash away the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth as well as food particles that may develop into plaque when left inside the mouth.

5. More Water

Let them practice drinking more water after eating candy. Water helps wash out the sweets that may get stuck and develop into plaque, which will be harder to remove at a later time.

6. Donate

If possible, let your children choose their favorite candy and let them keep those. Donate the rest to food bank or other charitable organizations that accept food donations. Help your children understand the value of sharing especially to the less fortunate. In this way, they see this act not as a way to limit their candy consumption but more of a charitable act.

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7. Brushing Teeth

Make sure your children visit a Charlotte dentist especially after consuming candy. But, do not let them go to bed without brushing their teeth after eating candy. Bacteria feeds on sweets and may produce more acids when eating sweets. It is best to wash away the acids first to avoid damage on teeth.

Remember, too much brushing may bring more harm than good. Twice a day is enough. The important thing is they brush their teeth daily.

8. Visit your Pediatric Dentist Regularly

Keep your kid’s oral health in check by visiting your pediatric dentist regularly. Dental cleaning and check-up are important to help keep plaque and tooth decay at bay.

There are more ways to limit your child’s sugar intake than these tips provided. Everything boils down to moderation and understanding the importance of good oral health habits.

If your child needs a check-up with a pediatric dentist, don’t hesitate to take them to a Friendly Dental location.

We teach children the importance of oral health and provide them dental care in a safe and fun environment!