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The Most Affordable Dentures in Charlotte, NC

If you’re in need of dentures but can’t afford the cost, worry no more! Friendly Dental Group can give you a brand new smile for an affordable price.

Had some teeth extracted?

Lost some teeth?

Having a bit of trouble chewing and talking because you have some space in between your teeth?

Can’t smile big enough because you’re hiding the fact that you have some teeth missing here and there?

These problems sound all too familiar. Dental checkups would usually result in prescriptions of dentures which usually cost a lot of money, hence another major problem.


More often than not patients undergo several dental procedures to maintain and restore oral health. The case with most dental procedures, usually in extractions, results in patients resorting to the usage of dentures to make oral activity (speaking, eating, chewing) much easier.

This wouldn’t be such a problem for most, if it wasn’t for the cost that comes with it. Nowadays people struggle with finding affordable dentures.

But worry not, Friendly Dental Group offers affordable dentures that’ll give you and your wallet a brand new smile!

And what’s not to smile about?

With 25+ locations throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas, you’re sure to find a Friendly Dental Group dentist to give you the custom dentures that you need for a brand new start and an easier life.

Friendly Dental Group accepts most insurance plans and if you don’t have one, fear not. The VIP discount program is a discount plan for patients who don’t have insurance, covering all dental procedures at any Friendly Dental Group location.

According to Statista: The Statistics Portal and the U.S. Census Data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), in 2017 0.66 million Americans are using dentures. A 2012 survey states that 40 % of Americans lack dental insurance which further hinders them from getting the dental care that they need as it is deemed unaffordable which would make the likelihood of poor oral health higher.

The main culprit is the high cost of getting quality dentures. Dentures can cost hundreds upon thousands for both full and partials, and this can be a daunting price for most citizens to pay.


Friendly Dental Group offers affordable full and partial dentures for individuals who have lost majority of their teeth. Losing teeth can be such a hassle in everyday living as most activities such as speaking, eating, and chewing become major hurdles.

Our passionate and experienced dentists are committed to bringing back their patients’ confidence and giving them a newer, happier smile with affordable dentures.

What are the benefits of getting dentures?

  • For patients with multiple missing teeth – Having multiple missing teeth would mean that speech could be impaired and chewing would be much more difficult. Also, a patient could experience low-self confidence and consciousness over their appearance. Full and partial dentures can help ease those burdens and give the patients a new smile and a new outlook in life.
  • Improved appearance and self-confidence – Nothing spells confidence out loud more than a beautiful smile and what would complete a beautiful smile other than a complete set of teeth. These natural looking, affordable dentures restore the normal look of teeth giving your smile a bright and natural gleam.
  • Better chewing – Chewing with incomplete teeth would be difficult and takes out the enjoyment of eating. Full or partial dentures would make eating more pleasurable and enjoyable.
  • Improved speech – When you have a few teeth missing here and there it can have a huge impact on the way you speak. Certain sounds start sounding different as you pronounce them. Dentures can fill in the gap and help normalize speech for better communication.
  • Protect other teeth – Partial dentures can help protect natural teeth that are around it.
  • Natural looking material – Our dentures look real enough to pass as real teeth with a natural design, look and feel.

Dentures are available at all Friendly Dental Group locations. Our dentists would be happy to assist you in getting full or partial dentures at an affordable price. Book an appointment at one of our locations in the Charlotte area.


Friendly Dental Group is committed to giving patients top quality dental care and providing them with an atmosphere that makes them feel right at home. Since the cost is sometimes a problem for most individuals when it comes to dental care, Friendly Dental Group is set to provide affordable dental care solutions.

Friendly Dental Group accepts mosts dental insurances and provides a VIP Dental Discount Plan which  for those who aren’t insured and cannot pay for high premiums. It is $275 a year for the primary member and $175 for family members, covering all dental procedures including dentures which would cost around $75-$950. It is much less compared to the thousands being charged for dentures without insurance. Care credit flexible payments are accepted by the VIP Dental Discounts with no annual fee, available for the entire family, and confidential credit decisions.


Health truly cannot be bought. No price can be put on excellent wellness and well-being which is why quality dental health care should be accessible to all individuals regardless of financial status.

Friendly Dental Group provides affordable dentures to their patients in and near the Charlotte area. Our dentists are not only professional but caring and compassionate about their patients and would guide them every step of the way.

Build your confidence right now and get a brand new smile at Friendly Dental Group. Book an appointment at one of our locations in the Charlotte area.