Dr. Manar Abdelrahim, DDS

About Dr. Abdelrahim

Manar Abdelrahim, DDS, was born and raised in Abu Dhabi UAE. She moved to the United States at age 17 for her dental education and currently resides in Charlotte, NC with her fiance and puppy.

Dr. Abdelrahim is a graduate of the Howard University College of Dentistry. Upon receipt of her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, she completed a general practice residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. After her residency, Dr. Abdelrahim returned to the hospital as a full-time staff member and attending, teaching and supervising residents. In addition to these credentials, Dr. Abdelrahim holds two post-graduate degrees from Georgetown University- an Advanced Biomedical Science certificate and a master’s in Physiology & Biophysics.

Dr. Abdelrahim has experience working with medically complex patients, special needs patients, treatment of traumatic dental injuries, and treatment of patients with a history of head and neck radiation. She practices the full range of general dentistry with a special interest in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Abdelrahim is a life-long learner. She is a firm believer in continued education and staying up to date with the forefront of modern dentistry. She applies the latest and most cutting-edge evidence-based information & practices because she is committed to providing her patients with the absolute best care available.

Dr. Abdelrahim prides herself on being a compassionate and careful listener who takes the time to explain all of the treatment options available to her patients. She is dedicated to ensuring that her patients feel confident they are making informed decisions about their care, based on a complete understanding of what they need and why. In her practice, Dr. Abdelrahim is on a mission to ease her patients’ dental anxiety and positively influence their perspectives on oral health.

In her free time, Dr. Abdelrahim enjoys spending time with her family, carpentry work, taking care of her indoor plant nursery, and traveling.